30 exciting video clips.

E-learning course in active baby swimming include the entire 30 video clips. Get lots of information about it to be baby instructor, and ideas for your teaching.

Large content

The course will include everything from the simple assumptions to commit itself as baby instructor for it to be an active and dynamic baby instructor.

How you can control 10-15 mothers at a time without losing the teaching on the floor, but on the other hand, create excitement, pleasure and satisfied customers.

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(12 months access)

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Get this course for 12 months access.

– 30 course videos
– Lesson plan
– Diploma (Only 1 for each course)
– 12 months access
– Support (only on email)
– Can be used by all instructors in your company

Course material?
Includes course material just to print out. You can have as a guide for yourself, when you have to try the exercises.

Ideal for instructors to teach babies at 2 months to 24 months Lots of exciting exercises The course can be used by all employees in the company/Club.

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Who can use the course?

The course can be used by both new and old instructors who would like to train for a baby instructor or want new inspiration.

The course can be used by all instructors in the club.

How many exercises are there?

There will be shown many exercises both for small and big babies. The course contains of course keep grip on stomach and backseveral types of diveand many otherexciting exercisesstraight to use right away.

How often can I use the course?
You can use the course as many times as you like (12 months).

It is the advantage of the online course, you can use it when you have time, and anywhere.