We know that babies can do much more than their parents think.

In recent years we have developed many fun exercises that we have successfully used in our instructional program.

We know that both babies as young children’s attitudes can be changed in a split second. Therefore we deliberately have high expectations in teaching. We use exercises that result in both baby, child and parents to react positively to every activity.

In teaching we try always to create a high energy that can excite and stimulate both baby, child and parents to advance the baby’s development.

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Create a space for closeness, love and development

In Active Baby Swimming you will create a space for closeness, love and development. Parents should feel that they have come to a sanctuary where they can really flourish and achieve the following:

  • Exceed limits
  • Perform exercises that they can´t at home
  • Going home each time with a positive experience

The first years of a child’s life, are probably the most important years of its life.

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