• To exceed the limits

• To praise and show enthusiasm and joy

• To create space for closeness, love and Development

Everything that can affect one’s own and the baby’s state of mind in a positive direction. Mother must give the right signals to her baby. She must show that she really wants that baby performs this task and no matter how it is implemented, so she is ready to praise the baby afterwards.

Remember that a child’s state of mind can be changed in a split second. It’s only a question of motivating baby to perform a certain action, nothing will happen unexpectedly positive results.

Therefore, we also say that it is not always on the baby’s premises. Because if we were to do it. So we will never affect the baby’s state of mind in a positive direction.

Tuition will not be a sanctuary where everything can be implemented, but a place that equals what is happening at home with mother, baby and the rest of the family.

However, we must be aware that in 10% of cases there may be a natural and genuine reason for the mother to withdraw, and therefore let the baby get his way.

The other thing that was true of our success are:

The way you do it.

We found out that the customers liked. It was the way the teaching was done. It was too hard and no cash, and other little wild at first, but everyone found out that it really gave results.