Baby swimming can give babies lots of good sensations

A hot tub is the right item for babies to thrive in. They love to move in the soft component, where from the outset can feel the weightlessness and the freedom of movement, the water gives them.

Water has some unique properties, which in one way or another affects our minds in a positive direction. This also applies to adults.

No other activity can in half an hour giving babies as many senses as baby swimming can.

To enhance the experience in the pool and to create security, we use music for teaching.

When using music in your teaching, so it does not take very long before you have created a great atmosphere in the pool. The music also affects the rhythm-related senses, which stimulates both babies and mothers to make it all a breeze.

The music helps to create the pace that you want. By using through-the same music every time, so you get to create a sense of security among the babies and mothers. You know what will happen.

The music helps to create a more effective and targeted education.