Sense of Touch

The sense of sense is (together with the vision) the baby’s most important tool when it comes to knowing the world.

For small children, touch is vital. It is also natural for most mothers to caress the pregnant stomach when you feel the movements of the fetus. After the birth, the mother goes on to caress her baby, which instinctively belongs to the identification phase where mother and baby learn to know each other. As the baby grows and herself grabs and holds things, the child takes everything to the mouth.

The reason is that around and in the mouth there are many feel receptors that are stimulated. In this way, the baby learns to distinguish not only taste but consistency, texture and temperature. Mouth and fingers explore everything – including the parents. The baby wants to whip in hair or put her finger into the parents’ nose, mouth or eyes. In the water you will experience the same behavior pattern. The baby will taste and feel the things in the pool, and of course also on the water.

It’s an adventure every time your baby is in the pool, and it’s important to let the child run out for his curiosity. Water is a fantastic element, also in relation to the sensation: When we lower the body into water, we become affected throughout the body at the same time. It may be experienced by some babies very intensely and strongly stimulating