The babies can do more than you think

Aqua Feelings teaches Dynamic Babyswimming through the Aaaiii terrain, which we have developed through many years of teaching.

It is a special education, based on swimming, diving and much more as a natural part of the baby’s and later life. The teaching takes place in a special way, as over 6,000 babies and mothers have been introduced to the babies in the last 10 years.

Active baby swimming is based on several things, but the following items will be highlighted in particular to achieve the desired result:
– High pace
– High intensity
– Many dives
– Joy and joy
– Proximity, love and development

Compound with natural exercises and performed in the right way that is being trained again and again. In order to achieve the desired result, it is important that mother / dad gives the correct signals to his baby – shows his joy and enthusiasm and praises the baby for any progress he / she makes.

Many will find Aqua Feelings’s teaching very different from other places, and maybe also a little cross-border the first time. But when our students have gone to babyswimming 7 times where we have come through all the exercises, they will be quick so with that. They can quickly see the progress of their baby – and the excitement will not end. What’s happening is: Instead of training babyswimming, where “baby’s knowledge becomes a part,” we do the opposite: “We make it a natural part”
– and it’s something completely different and unique that will followt the child rest of life.