The impact of the baby’s state of mind

Babies are very emotive. All their actions are informed by emotional center in the brain. The baby has an innate intuition of what:

• is well

• and not good.

Just as we found out that the signals mother gives to her baby, is crucial for baby’s behavior and state of mind right here and now.

The baby’s state of mind may also be influenced by experiences at home. There may be a great many things that can affect the baby’s state of mind in a negative direction. Therefore, it may in any case be difficult for the mother to interpret why the baby is unhappy.

While we find that surprisingly many parents find it very difficult to praise their babies or children. It drops them more naturally to correct their children when they do something wrong. If such a big baby. throw food onto the floor, so Mum says: No! You must not, so take food from you mom.

Whereas if a big baby eats well, it’s far from natural for the mother praising the baby with: Where are you clever.

Therefore we decided to build baby swimming up on the basis that:  Change the negative state of mind for a very positive state of mind of both mother and baby.

We know that 90% of our actions is based on the subconscious. This means that the acts we daily do not conscious. They are based on huge storage of experiences and impressions from the previous days, weeks, etc.

Is there a mother of a baby who is not just right at the top, and may be controlled somewhat by negative mind, she can easily get to give wrong signals to her baby. Or even worse, the baby can sense that mother is not really attentive and fully present.