Aqua Feelings is a professional company. We are passionate about promoting the best services in the field of water activities.

Birgitte & Allan Merrild 10 years ago has been in charge of creating growth in a swim club with a huge growth from around 650 members of the 4,500 members in just 3 years.

A result that was achieved by putting customers at the Center, create visibility, the introduction of exposure of services that promote sales, professional marketing and utilization of human resources.

We have developed many different concepts that we today have great pleasure in our own business.

Our activities
We are conducting our daily activities in water houses in Denmark under the name Aqua Smile: visit the home page here:

Today, we are working more and more with the sale of our know-how. All our activities are sold under our company name Aqua Feelings.

Sale of courses: We sell our courses in Denmark, Scandinavia and the rest of the world. There have been shown a particular interest in, among other things. United States, Australia, China, France and Pilippinerne, where they have been advised that there is a need for activities with babies and young children, where they can develop their swimming skills, but also personality, instead of only having focus on survival/self rescue.

Allan Merrild

Professional instructor in baby swimming.

Birgitte Merrild

Professional instructor in baby swimming.