• To exceed the limits • To praise and show enthusiasm and joy • To create space for closeness, love and Development Everything that can affect one’s own and the baby’s state of mind in a positive direction. Mother must give the right signals to her baby. She must show that she really wants that baby […]

The impact of the baby’s state of mind

Babies are very emotive. All their actions are informed by emotional center in the brain. The baby has an innate intuition of what: • is well • and not good. Just as we found out that the signals mother gives to her baby, is crucial for baby’s behavior and state of mind right here and now. The baby’s state […]

What is dynamic Baby Swimming?

Dynamic baby swimming creates better results! Aqua Feelings has achieved amazing results with the introduction of dynamic baby swimming for the last 10 years – a form of teaching we have developed. The crucial thing to make baby swimming dynamic and to achieve the good results is: High pace High intensity Effective team training with […]